Regardless of what #Trump does the #eneMEDIA will SPIN it to favor #Democrats - What do you think of #Trumps strategy in 2019 so far??

Listen, I may NOT be a Fan of the STRATEGY that the #TrumpAdmin is currently engaging in (caving on #SOTU (though it may be back on now), temporarily re-opening Govt (w/o current #Wall deal), etc) in order to FORCE THE ISSUE on #BuildTheWall. I "understand it" (by continually showing Trump/GOP are constantly GIVING and DEALING while Democrats are 100% OBSTRUCTION ALL THE TIME, despite their pretend calls for BiPartisanship - not, of course, that the #eneMEDIA would honestly report THOSE FACTS) and therefore not going to be overly "tough" on it/him and calling it/him out over it.

#PresidentTrump making another GREAT SPEECH (Fri 1/29, this time from the #RoseGarden) and, as needed and very properly, calling out the HYPOCRISY of #Democrats for supporting #BorderBarriers in the past but just saying NO now out of pure and 100% #TDS! If they do NOT fund the #BuildTheWall Project in these next 3 weeks - #Trump should eagerly allow another #GovernmentShutdown!

I don't consider re-opening Govt for just 3 weeks "A CAVE" and if the Democrats refuse to make a Deal over these next 3 weeks (with the Govt open, like they kept claiming) we should just let it Shutdown again in 3 weeks or make another (Prime Time, and demand it be covered by Networks) Oval Office Speech and clearly point out what the NATIONAL EMERGENCY ACT, when it was passed, other times it was used (and by whom), and that he is now declaring a BORDER SECURITY NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!


EDIT/UPDATE (Sat 126): 

I just wanted to expound on the question/issue of whether Trump CAVED?!?!?

I am going to straddle BOTH SIDES of that question/issue a bit, so bare with me...

On the one hand, this was/is mostly because of WEAK-KNEED supposed Republicans in the USSenate. The chief Never-Trumper Mitt Romney, and (after all that praise-worthiness of his back-bone during the Kavanaugh hearings) Lindsey Graham is back at it, as well as another handful of GOPers, in siding with and bailing out the Democrats - siding with Democrats in demanding the Govt be re-opened without any Wall funding before they'll consider any Wall Funding (which we KNOW is a LIE, they are never, ever, going to consider any Wall Funding)!

President Trump was PRESSURED by those sell-outs in the USSenate, but it does still ultimately fall on Trump for caving as (for a change) Mitch McConnel actually had his back and was refusing to bring to the Senate Floor any Bill that Trump would not sign! Trump was, and given his past childish behaviour many find hard to believe it could ever happen, taking the HIGH GROUND, being Stately, being REASONABLE, showing he was/is willing to TRY AND WORK TOGETHER, while the Democrats are absolutely nothing but 100% OBSTRUCTIONIST!!! So, under pressure, President Donald Trump, acting PRESIDENTIAL, made a compromise, took the HIGH GROUND, did something for all those not receiving a Check because of the Govt Shutdown, in re-opening the Govt FOR A THREE WEEK PERIOD and to EXPOSE the Democrats as LIARS and that they will NOT negotiate now that the Govt has re-opened as they were demanding and promising they'd do, over, and over, and over, again....


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Comment by Arlene Pearson on January 25, 2019 at 8:41pm

Good points made, Joseph.  

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