Unfair Water Rates in Southeast Michigan and a Solution

Fellow Neighbors,

I have been researching a problem that , I believe, is a significant problem to most of Southeast Michigan. The water rate structure as determined by the Detroit Water and Sewer Department is unfair. The communities in Western Wayne and Oakland Counties are paying more than their "fair share" and , as such, are "carrying the load". These costs are transferred to you and I by our suburban communities. The solution is to demand that all water rates (to include Detroit herself) in the Detroit Water Region be regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission, as they were between 1967 and 1995. We need you to contact your state representatives and state senators and ask that water rate fairness be returned to Southeast Michigan. Please take a few minutes to view the information in the referenced Water Rate Fairness Presentation.

Thanks and God Bless,

Bob Cushman - Precinct Delegate - Northville Township


P.S. If you live in Northville or Plymouth you may contact your State Representative at: kurtheise@house.mi.gov

If you live in Northville, Plymouth, Canton, Livonia or Wayne you may contact your state Senator at: SenPColbeck@senate.michigan.gov

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