There are quite a few proposals on the ballot this Fall that demand your attention. The most aggregious of this proposals are as follows:
1) "Protect Our Jobs" (aka Union Boss Ballot Initiative): Designed to protect public employee unions... from reforms that bring their compensation in line with the private sector. It also impairs our First Amendment right to Freedom of Assembly and effectively eliminates the possibility of Workers' Choice (aka Right to Work) legislation and perpetuates forced unionization in our state along with the commensurate loss of manufacturing jobs to other states. The only jobs that this proposal will protect are those of union bosses.
2) Emergency Manager Act Repeal: Designed to eliminate reforms we have implemented around minimizing the risk of bankruptcy for local units of government. If repealed, local units of government in financial distress would go directly to bankruptcy where a Federal judge appointed in DC would be responsible for bankruptcy proceedings.

We need to vote these ballot initiatives DOWN. If we don't, we will not only be discarding basic rights such as freedom of assembly, we will also be peeling back the reforms that have enabled our state to balance our budget for 2 straight years and add jobs to our economy (Since 2010, our unemployment rate has dropped from 10.6% to 8.5% - faster than any other state). We will be adding a minimum of $5.7 Billion in expenses to our budget resulting in an effective MANDATE to raise taxes! This is NOT an exaggeration.

For more information, see the Michigan Chamber.

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Comment by Tater Salad on September 25, 2012 at 11:08am

Michigan Initiatives on the November 2012 ballot:

A.    Stand up for Democracy: 
        Seeks to invoke the right of referendum for the Emergency manager:   Vote:   YES - Is a vote for support of the law.

    To create a new right of collective bargaining:   Vote:   NO
    Require utilities to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from clean renewable energy sources.  Vote:   NO

D.    Affordable Home Care Council will provide collective bargaining rights to HomeCare providers (required Union Dues to SEIU will be mandatory).    Vote:   NO

    Imposition of new taxes or expansion of the base taxation unless approved by 2/3 majority of members of in each chambers of state Congress.     Vote:   Yes

F.     The People Should Decide
which is the "Bridge Initiative by letting the people decide:   Vote:  Your call, !

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