This is terribly short notice but we need to contact all GOP and conservative/blue dog Dem US Reps today and urge them to vote no on the Finance Reform Bill. This is a bill that is arguably taking away even more of our rights than the health care bill (See Glenn Beck’s Wednesday TV Show).

It is 1500 pages of things such as:

--The Secretary of the Treasury can seize private property (businesses—not just banks or finance companies, but all businesses) without judicial revue.

--The administration can open a line of credit without Congressional approval.

--The Bureau of Commercial Financial Protection decides what products can be offered by businesses.

--All your financial transactions are available to the Feds.

If this passes and the health care bill stands, the government will control 60% of our economy.

Please contact your US Representative ASAP Thursday. It’s our only hope beyond the intervention of the Almighty. Please contact Him as well.

Thanks for all you do to save our country.


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