Voice your opposition to the new anti-TEA party coalition today

This just in. Wayne State University's radio station WDET, The Jewish News, The Arab American News, The Michigan Chronicle and
Latino have attempted to smear the TEA party activists with inciting domestic terrorism and bigotry. Though these phony partisan talking points are not new, it is of interest that this is coming from local groups. Further, this statement rips off the "mask" of objectivity. Here is a group of supposedly objective journalists confessing that they have drawn their conclusions even before they have recorded a moment of footage or scribbled a single comment on their notepads (kind of like climate scientists, but I digress...).

"Mikel Ellcessor, WDET's General Manager
says, "The explosive growth of three distinct groups, the Tea Party
movement, the Patriot movement, with the militias as their paramilitary
arms, and the nativist anti-immigration movement has been underway for
the past year. While these are distinct movements with their own animus,
there is a well documented, and rising, level of extreme rhetoric

coming from all three groups. This rhetoric has contributed to an
environment that is fostering violence from the extreme right and

multiple instances of domestic terrorism."

It gets worse. Read the full statement here.

Notice that he says "three groups" but then goes on to point out four...(h/t Beckman)

The press release is dated March 29, but I did not know anything about it until I heard Frank Beckman speaking about it on the radio yesterday. He said that someone on his staff brought it to his attention.

I would remind you that WSU and by extension WDET is supported by our tax dollars. They have descended into partisanship many times before. Perhaps most egregiously, they subscribed to the now defunct "Air America" syndicate in 2008.

WDET has a comment line. Please call the comment line at 313-577-3415 and leave a message. I was told that Mikel Elcessor listens to the comments every day. Please be respectful. Their staff has been nothing but nice to me. I would like to point out that some of what WDET does is great. Many of you may have heard the Craig Fahle segment with TEA party activist Bruce Fleury. I thought it was fair. I heard two people with very different views of our country speak their mind in a respectful manner - it was refreshing.

One last note on "strategery". A caller to a radio show last week pointed out that as conservatives we should utterly reject the "rules for radicals" which in the words of Alinksy's son, that Barack Obama has applied so well. We as conservatives believe in continuity. We are not radicals. We believe in preserving and advancing freedom by the application of timeless principles like respect for individual liberty and personal responsibility. An angry comment may be momentarily satisfying but holding our anger and retaining the moral high ground is priceless. No matter what, don't let those who style themselves as our enemies incite us to say anything that would fit their narrative.

Looking forward to seeing all of you this Thursday. I love the TEA parties. We are experiencing the Great Awakening of our generation - these rallies are revival meetings for our Constitution! (Extended commentary below). - George

Recently, there have been many despicable acts of political violence. I condemn
them all and be assured that the TEA party movement does as well. We are
motivated by love of our country, not animus. We stand
for the US Constitution, individual responsibility and freedom. Our
groups focus on educating our members on current issues as well as our
nation's history and founding documents in our weekly and monthly
meetings. If that sounds extreme to Mr.
Elcessor, well I would simply have to say that he and I have a very
different view of what this country stands for. His remarks are
over-the-top and demonstrably false; I ask your patience so that I may
present my evidence.

Elcessor then blames these groups for fostering a climate leading to the murder of six law enforcement officers. So then, how is it that
Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard felt perfectly safe addressing an
open-air crowd of thousands of TEA party protesters last Sunday? How is
it that our state's highest law enforcement officer is to speak in a
similar outdoor forum this Thursday that is sure to draw thousands of
these violent extremists. If he speaks in earnest, I want to know just
what he has done to warn these individuals of the grave danger he must
surely believe they are in.

The constant "right-wing extremist" drumbeat kept up by the press simply does not bear scrutiny. A few examples should suffice to make my
point. The first brick that was thrown through a local Democratic Party
office was thrown by a radical, transgendered activist, by the name of
Maurice Schwenkler, apparently as a "false flag" attack designed to
discredit opponents of Obamacare - Schwenkler
recieved $500 from a left-leaning PAC in 2008
. The
most serious event since the passage of Obamacare was the threat made on
the life of Eric Cantor by an anti-semitic Obama donor, Norman Leboon.
There were also incidents in which SEIU thugs, complete with purple SEIU
shirts, beat and used the N-word against a Black TEA party activist in
Missouri and also the threats against Michigan citizen Mike Sola who (I
will confess, in an over-the-top fashion) demanded answers from
Congressman Dingell at his town hall last August.

The press has also misrepresented the nature of the anti-Obama rhetoric at our rallies. Many citizen journalists have photographically
documented the postage-stamp-mustached Obama
posters at TEA party rallies brought by LaRouche PAC supporters as
evidenced by the "LaRouchePAC.org" emblazoned at the bottom.
Last Sunday, I personally photographed two such supporters and their
despicable poster. When I confronted them and pointed out that LaRouche
was neither Republican nor conservative by any stretch, they informed me
that he was a "Lincoln Republican", a fact which if true, would mean
that LaRouch has set a record for running in the wrong presidential
primary seven times. The only other over-the-top rhetoric I saw
came from another set of counter-protesters who called us Ku Klux
Klansmen. Politely inquiring their reasoning, they said it was the flags
we waved and our anti-17th amendment sentiment. I reminded them that
the flags they saw were the American flag, the Gadsden flag and the
13-star revolutionary flag and that I like most other Michiganders enjoy
voting directly for my Senators. No Confederate flags were in
attendance, no bedsheets no burning crosses, just a lot of imagination
in the minds of some crazy counter-protesters.

We have also been misrepresented by the media as being racially motivated. Our crowd and speakers were as diverse as this great land. We
had country music, an Arabic rap artist, a black author and a white
actress. If you would like to examine the mainstream characteristics of
our movement in a statistical fashion, I would direct you to Gallup's
April 5th poll "TEA partiers fairly mainstream in their demographics".

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