Volunteers Needed for July 4th Outreach Effort

The Wayne 11th Congressional District Republican Committee is looking for volunteers to help distribute outreach fliers along the Plymouth and Northville July 4th parade routes.  The fliers are about the Wayne 11th CDRC, the Republican party, and how to get involved at the grassroots level   I have included a copy below so you can see what you would be distributing.  You would not be in the parade, but rather walking along the sidewalk asking folks if they were interested in information on how to get involved in the local Republican Party.

Outreach events like this are critical to help build a coalition of conservative volunteers so we are prepared to defeat President Obama and Senator Stabenow in 2012, and hold on to the Republican majorities we won in 2010. The time of the Plymouth event is 8:15am -10:00am, and the time of the Northville event is 9:15am -11:00am.  If you are interested in helping with this effort, please email Rob Wilson at unalienablerights@sbcglobal.net.

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