Dear Friends,

My name is Howard Petty.   I am a Republican (fiscal conservative) running for Trustee of Schoolcraft College.    The other four candidates running for this office are Democrats.  You can verify this fact by checking the websites: and  If you have not seen the ballot, you can get that from Wayne County’s website. 

The school districts covered are: Livonia, Garden City, Plymouth-Canton, Northville, and parts of Novi.  

I am running because the current trustees are taking the College in the wrong direction.  The Democrats have spent millions on three new buildings in the past three years.  This is a problem because State funding is down, local funding is down, and there are fewer college age students.  Consequently, they have raised tuition by 3%.  Let’s fix the problem before they need a bailout. 

Please make your common sense vote for me on Election Day.  Please avoid voting for any of the Democrats, as that could be the vote that knocks me out.  Also, please tell your friends to vote for me.  It's very difficult to run against the incumbent Democrats, but I am sure that I can win with your vote.  I appreciate your help, which is really helping us all.  So, it all comes down to you. 

I look forward to seeing you later this month.


Howard Petty

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