#Election #VoterFraud will be more rampant and blatant, we are already seeing it in #Florida & #Michigan

I have said for some time that #VoterFraud will continue to grow as Democrats get more emboldened and therefore more open and blatant with their Fraud because they know the #GOP, the supposed #RuleOfLaw Party, will continue to let them get away with it without any real pushback. No arrests of Officials, very very very few Prosecutions of anyone actually casting Illegal ballots, etc...

And especially in MI when the Jill Stein recount exposed the corruption for the entire country to see the #MIGOPestablishment hacks in Lansing DID NOTHING to follow up (failure of #MILeg, #MISOS, and #MIAG, etc).

And we are seeing that blatant open Fraud in Broward County FL where they just happened to discover 80,000 Votes that were LOST and now FOUND (that obviously a Judge needs to declare NULL/VOID as they were NOT under the complete control of the Election Officials and the Official process and therefore the Validity of cannot be assured and cannot then be allowed to DISINFRANCHISE (a term Democrats love to throw around) valid, legit, and known good/legal Votes.

Broward and Palm Beach Counties are still continuing without proper monitoring and in direct violation of a Judges Order. #FL Law, given the margin, requires the #FLGov and #USSenate Races be recounted but that Judge whose current Orders are being ignored needs to make a new Ruling/Order in 1) that all counting STOP and #FLSOS certify the Elections with current Vote counts and 2) that the 80k Votes Broward "found" be TOSSED and NULL/VOID and NOT ELIGIBLE for counting during the recount process (for the reasons I pointed out in previous paragraph)!

Back to #MI.... As part of those Democrats being emboldened to commit ever more #VoterFraud here in #Michigan they put Prop3 on the Ballot which is virtually the VoterFraud pipe-dream! Same day registration, will be ripe with Fraud! Motor Voter Registration based upon the Chicago and California models for Fraud to Register everyone eligible or not to Vote to be Registered upon getting a Drivers License. Etc....

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