Rattlers!  Listen Up!


We have been challenged.  Following video is from a gathering in Kalamazoo recently.  Notice that they seem to think that intimidation is a great tool for winning hearts and minds.  They gathered in Bronson Park, marched to city hall, entered and occupied it for a while and then departed chanting "We'll be back".

(Click here for Video).


Our rallies are a little different.  We encourage our representatives to do the right thing; we do not use intimidation or disruptive tactics.  Last year we showed that we also back up what we say with our votes.  We believe in rule by law, not rule by threat and bluster.


So, I'm just sayin' make sure you plan on attending the rally in your area on the 15th or 16th and the one in Lansing on the 14th if you can.  Check below for links to those events and make your plans NOW! 


We are being challenged!  Stand UP for our Constitution and Rule by Law!


Make-A-Mile Tax Day Tea Party

Lansing Rally

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Comment by Denis Curran on April 11, 2011 at 3:32am
"Why don't they all get together on their own dime and time and concentrate on a solution of their own ..."

A large proportion of Americans have been raised to know no other way of life than to be dependent moochers- (The World Owes Me ____; Health Care/A job/"Living wage" is a right, etc.). Think about the largely unquestioned acceptance of American citizens being called "consumers". That's a very different frame of reference than was the case in most of American history. One way or another, the entitlement state can't go on much longer.
Comment by patriotm1 on April 10, 2011 at 4:17pm
The unions, leftists, and related oddities tend to overplay their hand. It is a weakness the Tea Party can exploit with a little strategy.  They are well funded and organized, but can still be contained with some innovative approaches.
Comment by Sharon Lollio on April 9, 2011 at 8:31am
Thanks Gene for posting this.  Guys, our own play book is being used by those looking to hoodwink folks into thinking they stand for middle class. While I do not have anything against unions - I think everyone should have the opportunity to join one IF THEY SO DESIRE - the truth about this state and country going broke is a reality some are not willing to acknowledge.  Storming city halls and state capitols banging drums, slapping walls, and chanting "We'll be back", is not going to change this fact.  We are all going to have to give something - many of us have already given a lot!  No one is exempt from this crisis.  Rather than banging on walls how about banging some computer keys and researching where this country is in regards to its growing debt?  How about when you do come back - come back with some data, facts, and a reasonable solution to the problem if you don't like the one being proposed?  A bunch of sites are rising up asking for money to help defeat the Tea Party Republicans.  Why don't they all get together on their own dime and time and concentrate on a solution of their own that would help take care of the obvious monetary shortfall  rather than attacking the one being PROPOSED.  Time for grandstanding, immature antics, and threats is over.  The problem is here and it is very real.

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