We have succeeded in placing some like minded Candidates in office!

As WE the People,we need to be very vigilant of every move that all Elected Officials make.This will keep us moving forward in taking back America! We cannot aford to get lax or assume that employees (Elected) will

take care of our needs! They must be told what we expect of them and made aware if they slip off the Path,

we will remind them of the Mission!

Marshall Hill

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on November 23, 2010 at 6:01pm
There are many plans out there Marshall attempting to do just that. We need to find the one that works for our group. One of our members has an idea he would like to present. Looking into it and hopefully in the next months we will lay something out and see if the group likes it. In the meantime I will be praying for those we elected (even those we did not) to make the correct decisions that will so effect our state, our nation and our future generations. I believe most of them heard what the America people are wanting in leadership. We are looking for "representatives." Hard to be that if you are not listening to what the voters are saying. This movement is about "We the People" and like you point out, we must stay vigilant and engaged in the coming time period.

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