We remember the horror and consternation of the buildings coming down.

We remember the fears for our country as we wondered what would be next.

We remember the heroism of our emergency workers who gave their all to help the victims.

We remember the gallant sacrifice of Flight 93.

We remember the teachers who stayed with their students until they were safe.

We remember the shopkeepers and citizens of NYC who gave and did what they could to help with the rescue operations.

We remember the firemen and emergency volunteers who came from around the country to aid our fallen.

We remember the vigils and prayers and the outpouring of charity and compassion throughout the USA.

We remember sadness for our loss but also admiration for the magnificence of our countrymen.

It took a terrible event to show the greatness of the American heart. Let us never forget that that same courage, generosity, and kinship still pulses through us.

Once again, we face catastrophe. We see our enemies assaulting our government, our constitution, our very way of life. We watch in dismay as our economy is destroyed, our liberties shackled, our nation dishonored.

Once again, we, the American people, are rising to the call. We are joining together to make our voices heard. We are giving notice to the corrupt and the tyrants that this is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are braving ridicule and muggings. We are committing our time, our energy, our resources. We pledge to work as tirelessly as did our rescue workers so that we may pull freedom from the rubble and make it the foundation for our wonderful land of opportunity and restore a Constitutional government that would make our Founding Fathers proud.

May the spirit of 9/12 inspire us and sustain us as we proceed and may God bless America and keep us free.

Bill Bigler

Ann Arbor Patriots, www.annarborpatriots.ning.com

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