When a nightmare becomes a reality

Before I continue I want to commend the many people on twitter that have voiced intelligent, honest, informative and non virile opinions.  Unlike the liberal outlets which seem to delight in spewing out 'embelished truths', misrepresentations, slander and a host of other baseless opinions.  Unfortunately many liberals have become very hostile to views of conservatives.  Many democratic party leaders, from mr obama on down, have instilled hatred of the right in the minds of their followers.  Government will never work with that type of mindset.

A lot of people believe mr obama (It's very hard for me to call him something which he is not, president) doesn't know what he is doing.  I would disagree, in my relatively uneducated opinion I feel he knows exactly what he is doing.  He is following a path that could possibly take us back to the days of King George 3. The Declaration of Independence cites the reasons for the break from England; parallels can be drawn between what happened then and what is happening in our country now  Some of the things include religious oppression,limiting freedom and unjust laws: issues we are facing at this very moment in our, or should I say obama's America.  All of us have expressed our disdain for his lack of integrity, moral character, dishonesty, empathy for the unborn infant and the rest infirmities that he has.  The escapees from England had no choice but to use violence to win their freedom.  We don't need to have a war between ourselves, once is enough.  We can defeat an arrogant party by being aggressive and factual in campaign ads,, have candidates speak from the heart with sincerity and honesty.  Let people know you are as human as they are.  Most of all have a diversified staff that is capable of making intelligent and well thought out decisions on what ads to run.  Perhaps we could offer some suggestions about contents of an ad or whatever we think might work.  Kinda like an ad drop box.

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