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Hello Precinct Delegates and other interested parties,
My name is Wes Nakagiri and I’m sure you have heard by now that I am running for the position of Lieutenant Governor.  The Lieutenant Governor will be selected BY THE DELEGATES at the MIGOP State Convention on Saturday, August 23rd.
If you are wondering why I am sending you this message via so many different means of communication and organizations, it’s because I have always believed the best voter is the most informed voter. I define an informed voter as someone who is NOT “educated” through television ads, radio spots and glossy mailers.  But one that does their own research and takes advantage of every opportunity to get to the truth about the issues and the candidates that could potentially affect you, your family, this state and our country.
A recent Gongwer article based on the race for Lt. Governor quoted a gentleman as saying “He needs to learn more about Mr. Nakagiri.” In the week leading up to the convention I will help him - and any others interested – to know exactly who I am, what I believe and why I am running. And I appreciate every effort my supporters put forth to help me get my message out to those who have been elected Precinct Delegates.
During the next few days I – with the help of some friends – will be sending out what I am calling the “Wes Press”. This will be a few paragraphs every other day, in hopes that anyone looking to know more about this race will see why they should be supporting me for the office of Lieutenant Governor.
If you desire more information or would like to contact me, please go to my site -
Wes Press - 1st Edition
“The TEA Party Must Come To Its Senses!?”
Nolan Finley put out the article linked below entitled “The TEA Party must come to its senses. Now if I was the wordsmith that Nolan is I would have rebutted with, “WE HAVE!” and that is why the Establishment is having so many problems!
Mr. Finley doesn’t understand that the problems the Republicans are having are with fellow Republicans! It’s not the evil TEA Party but Conservative Republicans battling Moderate to Liberal Republicans. Platform Republicans vs Big Tent Republicans.
The article is full of Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson quotes. I couldn’t help but hone in on this one, “They’d rather go down to defeat than bend on their principles.”
Allow me to provide a little dictionary help for Mr. Finley and Mr. Patterson. The meaning of Principle: A moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions.
Am I - are we - supposed to feel bad that our principles, our values, our morals actually mean something? That many of us still believe a handshake “seals the deal” and our word is our bond?
I believe that because so many have waivered on their principles, have compromised their integrity, “mis-spoke” instead of lied, and accepted instead of excepted, that it’s become commonplace for Americans to be suspicious and skeptical of their leaders. Our legislators have become “politicians” instead of Representatives.
I can assure you my word is my oath, my values solid and my motives honest. I will support and defend the platform of our party as it aligns with the principles that guide my life. My desire to serve as your Lt. Governor is based solely on looking to represent you. If elected, I’ll have your back!
        Wes Nakagiri
RWUW Group - CoChair 
Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 22, 2014 at 2:23pm

Pre and Post Convention Events

Join us for a pre-convention meet and greet and dessert on Friday, August 22, and a post-convention thank you party after the convention.

Click here for on line details including a Google Map.

Click here to download a printable PDF file with event details.


Links to Information about the Calley record

Some of Brian Calley's record both as Lt. Governor and as State Representative is shown below. His voting record as State Representative runs contrary to his claim that he is a conservative voice in the Governor's ear.

For ease of printing, this same information is included in the attached PDF file. For those of you who are State Delegates and Alternates I urge you to print out a copy of this and take it with you to the State Convention.  Then share these links with your colleagues who have a smart phone to that they can view the information for themselves right on the convention floor.

Better yet, save these links as bookmarks on your own smart phone so you can quickly access them and show them to your colleagues as you discuss the race for Lt. Governor.  



Common Core


Comparing Nakagiri position on Common Core vs. that of Calley



Medicaid Expansion


Calley indicating he will cast the tie-breaking vote to pass Obama’s Medicaid Expansion



Senior Pension Tax


Calley casting the tie-breaking vote to increase taxes on senior pensions.



MBT and surcharge


Calley worked with Granholm and sponsored the MBT.  He was also one of a handful of Republicans to work with Democrats and voted in favor of the 22% MBT surcharge.  Now Brian brags about repealing the MBT.



MBT Youtube video


Watch Snyder rip into Calley’s MBT



Extend term limits


Calley sponsored a bill to extend term limits.



Exempt green energy companies from his own MBT


Calley introduced a bill to exempt green energy revenues from his own MBT.  He does favors for the green energy sector.



Siphon off funds that should have went to road repairs


Calley voted with Democrats to use vehicle registration fees for administration costs, rather than road repairs



Obamacare Exchanges

Snyder and Calley tried twice to implement state-run Obamacare Insurance Exchanges.  Grassroots activist pressure stopped them, forcing Snyder/Calley into accepting a federally run Obamacare Insurance Exchange.  As long as Michigan keeps it federally run exchange we have a strong chance of cutting the legs out from underneath Obamacare.  Nakagiri will fight to keep our federally run exchange.  Can we say the same about Calley given his prior support of state-run exchanges?



TV appearance

I was a guest on a Sunday talk show aired on Fox 2 - Detroit. Here is a video of the interview.




Just in case you missed the YouTube video about Brian Calley's role in co-sponsoring Jennifer Granhom's "job-killing" Michigan Business Tax . . .

Click here to view the two minute video





"I believe the Lt. Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor."




Paid for with regulated funds by Friends of Wes Nakagiri, P.O. Box 222, Hartland, MI  48353 810-207-1867

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 22, 2014 at 2:17pm

Pre and Post Convention Events

Join us for a pre-convention meet and greet and dessert on Friday, August 22, and a post-convention thank you party after the convention.

Click here for on line details including a Google Map.

Click here to download a printable PDF file with event details.



The Conservative Voice, Hmmm . . . published a hard-hitting analysis of Brian Calley's assertion that he is the "conservative voice in the Governor's ear." 

Here are exerpts:


. . . The governor has Raised taxes on some, went behind the legislature’s back on the NITC, pushed hard for Obamacare in Michigan, pushes Common Core, hired several Democrats to key positions, bails out Detroit, pushes rail subsidies, and will likely sign on the dotted line when the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights act is presented for modification.  Modified so that dangerous behavior is blessed not only with the ongoing media push, but with the unforgiving and ‘intolerant’ hammer of law on those who disagree with that behavior.


All of which begs the question:  “When does your conservative voice matter Mr Calley?” . . .




. . . And as for the “routine” claim that you are “the conservative voice” in the administration?


How bad does Rick Snyder have to get before you speak up?  What liberal things must he do?  How great a progressive stride does he have to take in order to activate your spidey senses? . . .



Read the whole article



How Embarrassing?

Since I declared my candidacy for the position of Lieutenant Governor over a year ago, I have been told many things and called many things on the campaign trail.


Some bad...but mostly good!


The remark I hear most often by a few who have criticized my candidacy is that I’m doing this with the sole intent to embarrass the Governor or that my win will embarrass the Governor.


The first is absolutely not true and the other I find alarming. Why would the governor be embarrassed by duly elected delegates exercising their electoral privilege? Doesn’t the Governor want the voice of the elected delegation to be heard? Isn’t allowing the grassroots to be heard better for the Republican Party and better for Michigan?


I am concerned that so many “Republicans” are worried more about one man than they are about those that have been negatively affected by the recent passages and acceptance of Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, the Senior Pension Tax and the Detroit Bail Out. (And yes, I did say I would sell a painting from the DIA rather than divert taxpayer money for that purpose.) And once again, we are hearing rumblings about pushing for a gas tax, a tax increase not only reflected at the pump but a tax we will absorb through almost every product and service we purchase!


So my reason for running was not about humiliating the Governor, it was not about a political future, it really is about bringing “the people’s” voice and concerns to Lansing.


In Michigan, elected precinct delegates are selected to go to the Republican State Convention to have a say in who their Lieutenant Governor should be. Some say they think this rule should be done away with and that the Governor should have his choice. I couldn’t disagree more. The Lieutenant Governor should be held accountable for his/her actions by the delegates at State Convention, especially after demonstrating his/her ability to govern during their first term in office.


I would also like to point out that the Governor was granted his choice four years ago and now it’s up to the delegates to decide whether they approve of the Governor’s choice or not.


If something should happen to the Governor, shouldn’t those elected to represent their neighbors/precincts have a say in who should lead their state? I look at this voting process as a safeguard and layer of protection when it comes to adhering to the Republican Party’s principles and stated goals.


What do I mean by protection? Many on the campaign trail seem to be surprised when they find out the Lieutenant Governor is also the President of the Senate. This legislative position empowers the Lt. Governor the ability to cast a deciding vote in any legislation where there happens to be a tie vote in the State Senate. We witnessed this very real possibility when it came to Medicaid Expansion. We saw it in action when Lieutenant Governor Calley cast the tie breaking vote for the Senior Pension Tax.


What I find disturbing is Lt. Governor Calley stated that though he may not be in agreement with the Governor on every issue, he is there to help implement what the Governor wants. A legislative tie in a Republican held Senate and House means there is a problem with that legislation. I don’t agree with Lt. Governor Calley that legislation supported by the Governor, but voted down by the majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, should be rubber stamped by the Lieutenant Governor in case of a tie in the Senate.


My vote, if necessary in the State Senate, is not going towards the dictates of one man but instead will be cast for what is in the best interests of the citizens of Michigan. My loyalty is to those in this state that have trusted me to protect, nurture, encourage and support initiatives, ideas and legislation that benefit their lives. This is my vision for the office of Lieutenant Governor if entrusted with your support at Saturday’s Republican State Convention.


I hope these articles have provided you with better understanding of who I am and why I am running. The next four years will see Michigan hopefully continuing on the road to recovery. I do believe there have been and still are, good plans the Governor has for the improvement of our state. I am looking forward to not only working with him but also working for you.


What happens at convention is not about the Governor, it’s not about me and it’s not about you. What happens at convention is about ALL OF US, the citizens of the great State of Michigan.


Yours in Freedom,

Wes Nakagiri Candidate for Lieutenant Governor


My view of LIBERTY

In large part the campaign has been a debate about policy. Let's take a brief time out and talk about the personal side of politics.  Here is a story run by my local newspaper.  After reading this article you'll understand why LIBERTY is a big deal to me.


Analysis of Calley's talking points

Please review the attached document prior to chatting with your colleagues during the convention.  It will prepare you in fending off some of the Calley campaign's talking points.



TV appearance

I was a guest on a Sunday talk show aired on Fox 2 - Detroit. Here is a video of the interview.




Just in case you missed the YouTube video about Brian Calley's role in co-sponsoring Jennifer Granhom's "job-killing" Michigan Business Tax . . .

Click here to view the two minute video





"I believe the Lt. Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor."




Paid for with regulated funds by Friends of Wes Nakagiri, P.O. Box 222, Hartland, MI  48353 810-207-1867

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 21, 2014 at 4:57am

About Wes

Proverbs 13:22 states that a good man should leave an inheritance for his children’s children . . .  I’ve taken unpaid leave from my career as an engineering manager because our children’s future is more important to me than money.  I’m running for Lt. Governor because I believe it is our moral obligation to leave to our children and grandchildren greater opportunity than was handed down to us by our parents and grandparents.  I’m a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-traditional marriage, constitutional conservative. I believe Republican leaders should stand for the principles stated in our Republican Party platform.  As such I opposed Medicaid Expansion, Obamacare Exchanges and Common Core.  I believe the Lt. Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor, and we should both work for you. I’m a country-first, party-second, Christian leader who will stand up against liberal policies, whether they are pushed by Democrats or Republicans.



Excerpts from Detroit News August 20

“If this were a debate made solely on my stand on the issues … my vision for the office of lieutenant governor … contrasting that to the incumbent, I would win readily,” Nakagiri said. 

Calley, who declined to be interviewed for this story, has never publicly opposed the governor on major policy decisions, but routinely says he is “the conservative voice” inside the Snyder administration.




Tim Keller contrasts Wes and Brian

Anyone who has examined Common Core knows it’s not something they want their children subjected to, but unfortunately, Michigan’s Governor Snyder is one of Common Core’s loudest proponents. Only a handful of Michigan legislators have had the tenacity to publicly denounce Snyder’s pro-Common Core stance. To date, Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley, has never publicly stated that Governor Snyder is wrong to support Common Core.


Now that grassroots activist Wes Nakagiri has challenged Mr. Calley’s incumbency, Republican Party leaders are desperately crying out for “party unity.” What they really mean by that is, “Fall in line and vote for our hand-picked man, the incumbent.”


Isn’t it strange that Republican Party leaders call loudest for party unity when their favorite candidates are challenged, yet party unity was thrown to the wind when several very important votes came up in Lansing this past year (i.e. Common Core and the Medicaid Expansion)? The Republican Party’s State Nominating Convention is fast approaching and party leadership is predictably telling party rank and file to fall in line “united” behind their favorites, including Mr. Calley.


Read the rest of Tim's article at:


Comparing Wes and Brian on Common Core.

Wes has consistently opposed Common Core!!  Where does Brian stand on this important issue.



TV appearance

I was a guest on a Sunday talk show aired on Fox 2 - Detroit. Here is a video of the interview.




Just in case you missed the YouTube video about Brian Calley's role in co-sponsoring Jennifer Granhom's "job-killing" Michigan Business Tax . . .

Click here to view the two minute video





"I believe the Lt. Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor."




Paid for with regulated funds by Friends of Wes Nakagiri, P.O. Box 222, Hartland, MI  48353 810-207-1867

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 18, 2014 at 3:02pm

Third edition of “Wes Press” – Behind the Scenes but Not in Front!?

Dear Delegates/Alternates and other interested parties,

The County Conventions are now over and who will be attending the Republican State Convention as voting delegates has been determined.

The reports coming out on how the different counties handled the election process have been interesting to say the least.   Regardless, it is encouraging to see so many actual grassroots people getting involved!  That those affected by the decisions made in Lansing are now actively engaged in the process of determining who those Decision Makers should be.  

Thank you for your continued interest in reading these posts. I hope they provide you with the opportunity to get to know a bit more about me before the August 23rd Republican State Convention.  I hope that something you read or will read from these presses will cause you to pledge your support to me.

Many delegates recently received a letter from Lt. Governor Brian Calley. It informed readers why he considers himself grassroots, about his family, and his church background. He went on to explain what he has accomplished in his role of Lt. Governor, as a legislator and his involvement with the Michigan Business Tax, legislation he actually sponsored.

I found the following statements to be of particular interest:

 “In order to move policy in a more conservative direction, the Lt. Governor needs to have access to the Governor and credibility with the legislature.”

I could not agree more!  That is why I am not concerned with the inferences that I will be banished to an office in the basement of the Romney Building or in some mysterious corner of Lansing. Do you really believe that a sitting governor would ignore the direction of the grassroots of his party? Governing in a representative republic without the consent of his grassroots would prove to be very difficult. I respect Governor Snyder more than to think he would be so petty.

As far as credibility, I do have relationships with some of the legislators that work towards introducing and promoting strong conservative policies. I feel confident that others when given the opportunity to work with me will understand that I am in tune with the issues, thoughtful, rational and reasonable.  These are qualities I have always had and have honed as an ENGINEER employed by a Fortune 200 company.

Lt. Governor Calley’s letter goes on to state:

“This access allows me to make conservative arguments internally as decisions are being made, rather than trying to work from the outside through the press or other channels.”

And that access has gotten us what exactly? How have those internal arguments actually worked for us? We now have Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, and a senior pension tax. We’re also looking at a substantial gas tax increase that will put an additional financial burden on the working class and seniors.

Another part of the letter reads:

“The bottom line is our Administration has vigorous debates behind the scenes but we come out with united positions. We are not always 100 percent in agreement but my voice is heard and the result of my involvement is more conservative policy.”

No use writing again what I stated above. The only comment I will make is that I intend to make your conservative voice heard with more emphasis on the conservative values stated in our Republican Platform.

Sometimes it takes someone who lives it, to actually articulate how and what the middle class is still experiencing in a getting-better-but-not-quite-there, economy.

Sometimes it takes someone who lives it, to bring another view or different approach on policy ideas or suggestions that could improve or possibly hurt the lives of Michigan citizens.

I believe in working behind the scenes but totally up front, when it comes to standing against decisions that would negatively affect the future of those living in our state.

If you vote for me, I will be someone who works with the Governor, not for the Governor and believes that together we should both be working for you!

I am looking forward to meeting many of you on August 22nd and August 23rd.  If you have any questions or would like to contact me prior to state convention, please go to my site -

Yours in Freedom,

Wes Nakagiri Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 17, 2014 at 3:22pm

County convention recap


“Nakagiri is mounting a credible challenge of the incumbent, arguing Calley should be replaced on the statewide ticket because Snyder hasn’t governed on strict conservative principles.”


Chad Livengood – Detroit News, August 14, 2014


The momentum has clearly swung in our direction.  While the returns are still coming in, Thursday night delegates clearly sent a message that Republican leaders need to uphold the principles of our party platform.


Keep the momentum going!  Contribute now to our campaign!

Click to contribute.


It was an exciting night! I attended my own convention in Livingston County.  Except for the lengthy process of counting the votes, our convention went well, without shenanigans. I would like to thank the entire Livingston County Republican Party for an open and transparent convention. I credit this in large part to Dan Wholihan, the Livingston County Chair.


In Livingston County we have had a history of a cooperative working relationship between the GOP and the TEA Party. As your next Lieutenant Governor, I pledge to work to foster this type of relationship all across Michigan.



Common Core


The educational future of our children is clearly one of the biggest concerns of Republicans and Republican delegates.  I oppose Obama’s Common Core while my opponent supports it.  I have posted a roll call list of Common Core supporters and Common Core opponents on my website. This list was published by Stop Common Core in Michigan on May 31, 2014.



Send us your list of State Delegates and Alternates


If you haven’t already done so, please forward your county’s list of delegates and alternates attending state convention. Also, please provide me with your assessment of who is for Wes, who is for Brian, and who is undecided. We will focus our efforts on getting the undecided delegates to vote for Wes.



Media Schedule


I will be interviewed Sunday, August 17 on Fox 2 – Detroit. The name of the show is “Let It Rip.” The show starts at 9 am, and I’ll be on sometime after 9:30.


I will be interviewed by Chad Livengood of the Detroit News on Monday, August 18. The interview will start at 8:06 am.  Mr. Livengood is guest hosting for Michael Patrick Shiels’ The Big Show.  For a listing of affiliated radio stations please click on the link below.


Calley has a history of working with Democrats

It is clear that the current adminstration will work with Democrats to steamroll our Republican legislators on issues like Medicaid Expansion and Common Core.  How prophetic was it when just prior to Brian's nomination for LG, mLive published an article with this headline:


Rumored Rick Snyder running mate Rep. Brian Calley has history of working with Democrats

Read entire mLive article.

Among other things, this article discusses Calley's involvement with Granholm's job-killing Michigan Business Tax. It also reveals that Calley was one of just a handful of Republicans who voted for the additional 22% MBT surcharge.

Even when he was in the Legislature, Brian clearly showed that he will work with Dems to pass liberal legislation. It should be no surprise that he has done the same with Common Core and Medicaid Expansion.

Even more troubling is what he might do in the future. Will he toe the line and promote an increase in the gas tax? An expansion of Elliot Larson which would infringe on our religious liberties? A expansion of Obamacare by implementing a state run Obamacare Insurance Exchange?

History shows, if given another four years, Brian will betray us again.



Just in case you missed the YouTube video about Brian Calley's role in co-sponsoring Jennifer Granhom's "job-killing" Michigan Business Tax . . .

Click here to view the two minute video





"I believe the Lt. Governor should work with the Governor, not for the Governor."




Paid for with regulated funds by Friends of Wes Nakagiri, P.O. Box 222, Hartland, MI  48353 810-207-1867

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 15, 2014 at 9:12pm
Below is a commentary from former State Board of Education Candidate, Melanie Kurdys

Convention candidates are out on the campaign trail these days.  I am getting interesting feedback on two important candidates, Brian Calley, candidate for Lt. Governor and Ron Weiser, candidate for University of Michigan Regent.


Today, I received intel that both Weiser and Calley are claiming to be against Common Core.  This is news to me.  In the 2 1/2 years I have been fighting this issue, I have never seen evidence of either of them even being sufficiently informed of the issue, let alone standing up to try to stop it from coming into Michigan.


I heard Weiser actually said he would probably not interfere with K-12, but he would not allow Common Core at the University.  Exactly how could he do that?  Will he make sure U of M School of Education does not prepare new teachers to teach Common Core, but instead insist they learn traditional, classical education techniques?  Where will these teachers get a job?   What will he do when freshmen, deemed "college ready" with their Common Core diploma, show up unprepared for freshman math classes, lacking knowledge of the classics, unable to consider facts outside those hand-fed to them?  Remember, Governor Snyder has bought into the Common Core model of P-20, which includes post K-12.


Both Calley and Weiser have records of political accomplishment.  Calley as Lt. Governor, spearheaded the passage of legislation for Autism, an issue he really cares about.  Weiser was instrumental in getting Right to Work passed in Michigan. 


If either of these gentlemen were really opposed to Common Core, seems they would have been much more engaged in the issue by now.  If they were interested in learning about the problems with Common Core, it seems they might have sought out state or national experts on both sides of the issue.  I am well connected with state and national experts.  Not only were they not sought out, neither of these gentlemen met with the national experts when they were in Lansing several times over these last 2 1/2 years.


And consider the facts: 

  • Ron Weiser is one of the biggest contributors to GLEP, the most prominent lobby group supporting Common Core in Michigan
  • During Lt. Governor Brian Calley's time on the job, the Michigan not only failed to pass legislation to STOP Common Core, but reconfirmed Michigan as a Common Core State


It is baffling to me that Michigan, with a Republican Governor, House and Senate, continues to implement one of the worst nationalized programs ever, Common Core.


Now Mr. Calley and Mr. Weiser say they oppose Common Core. True change of heart or political expedience?  Are you willing to risk our kids when you could make a different choice?

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 14, 2014 at 4:07am


2nd Edition of “Wes Press” – BE A KING NOT A PAWN

It troubles me when some in our party proclaim that delegates should be a rubber stamp in support of the Governor’s choice for Lieutenant Governor - both in your vote and your voice.

They are saying you are welcome to volunteer your time, treasure and talent but don’t bother us with your hopes and concerns.

I reject the notion that delegates should be seen and not heard. I reject the fact that many precinct delegates were signed up simply to be used as pawns in a game to protect the “King” at all costs.

Many in the conservative movement began signing up precinct delegates years ago because we understood that important decisions were being made at our Republican State Convention. The candidates on the ballot in November’s election for the positions of: Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, University of Michigan Regents, Michigan State University Trustees, Wayne State University Board of Governors, Board of Education and Michigan’s Supreme Court are all decided by precinct delegates at the state convention.

Our state’s future and the lives of you and your family are affected and influenced by which candidates come out “winners” at that convention. And because of this, TEA Party and Liberty groups have been dedicated to holding meetings providing information to those who are truly interested in bettering our state. We have been doing this on a regular basis throughout the year since 2010, not just a few months before an election.

We don’t view precinct delegates as pawns to be used, but as intelligent, concerned citizens who desire to be informed before casting votes of such importance.

We believe precinct delegates should be engaged and encouraged to participate in helping state and local candidates who best reflect our values and principles actually get elected.  We don’t solicit precinct delegates to make one vote that will best suit our purpose,  then send them on their way.

I believe the future of our state and country should have strong representation and continued involvement at the grassroots level.

My hopes are that by reading this post, you will begin to understand the power you who are attending, will wield at state convention.  I hope that if you were recruited and never heard back from those that recruited you, you now understand how serious your vote will be on August 23rd.  Your vote will influence the direction and future of Michigan over the next four to eight years.

You ran as a PRECINCT delegate – that means your neighbors believe you to be an informed and educated representative, not the pawn of a special interest group.  A precinct delegate is a decision maker for the true middle class that powers America.

We are the heart and soul of our party. It is through our hard work that our party will grow and prosper.  Thank you for your involvement and commitment to this goal.

Be a King NOT a pawn!

Wes Nakagiri
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

For more information or to contact me -

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 14, 2014 at 3:46am

Wes Nakagiri Republican Candidate for Michigan Lieutenant Governor

"Grassroots Leadership in Lansing"

 Say Yes to Wes!

Date: August 14, 2014 Contact: Wes Nakagiri Phone: 810-207-1867 Email: Website:




For Immediate Release

Nakagiri commends RNC for opposing Common Core




Hartland, MI: “I applaud our Republican National Committee for firmly opposing Common Core,” said Wes Nakagiri, Candidate for Michigan Lieutenant Governor.   Nakagiri is the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor that the organization Stop Common Core in Michigan recognizes as opposing Common Core.  Nakagiri’s opponent, Brian Calley is listed by the organization as favoring the nationalized education policy.



The Republican National Committee has also voted twice, including unanimously just last week, to oppose Common Core.  Last week the Michigan Republican Party’s two national committee members, Ronna Romney McDaniel and Dave Agema, voted in support of the most recent resolutions against Common Core.  One resolution commended parents for opposing Common Core, while the other took issue with new AP History standards. 


Of the recent resolutions at the RNC, Wes Nakagiri says “I stand with Ronna Romney McDaniel and Dave Agema in opposing Common Core and I personally commend the parents who are taking on this fight.  I embrace our party’s platform which calls for maintaining high education standards.  As the first RNC Resolution on Common Core resolves, I too reject Common Core, the plan that ‘creates and fits the country with a nationwide straightjacket on academic freedom and achievement.’  I will fight to stop implementation of Common Core in Michigan.”  See and


Throughout the campaign, Nakagiri has consistently hammered on Calley for his support of Common Core.  Nakagiri said, “It is an issue that really resonates with the voters.  Our voters are sick and tired of our leaders implementing the Obama agenda in Michigan, especially when Republicans control all levers of power in Lansing.”



Paid for by Friends of Wes Nakagiri, P.O. Box 222, Hartland, MI 48353

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 13, 2014 at 4:24pm

Brian Calley's response via email...


Dear Grassroots Activist,
Congratulations on your Precinct Delegate victory. Your willingness to step up and run for this important local office is what builds the grassroots base of our Party. As a Precinct Delegate you have the opportunity to cast your vote to nominate some of the most important elected offices in our State, including the office of Lieutenant Governor.
In order to be part of the nominating process, elected Precinct Delegates should attend their County Convention. It's at your County Convention the decision is made on who will be attending the August 23rd State Convention where votes are cast for Lieutenant Governor and other important offices. Each County has a predetermined number of Convention Delegate votes. We need you to be at your County Convention to increase your chances of being selected as a Convention Delegate. If you do not attend your County Convention and make it known you want to go to State Convention, you are forfeiting your opportunity to take part in this important process.
County Conventions will be held across the State this Thursday, August 14th at 7:00 P.M. You can find the location of your County Convention by clicking here. You should plan on arriving early to get instructions regarding how your County Convention will be selecting Delegates and where you need to be.
If you would like to go to State Convention and cannot attend your County Convention please let our team know as soon as possible, we will assist you in contacting your County Chair. Any questions regarding any part of the Precinct Delegate process may be answered by emailing Our team will get back to you promptly.
Thank you for your commitment to re-elect Lt. Governor Brian Calley. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will have a direct impact on our victory at the 2014 State Convention.
Team Calley
P.S. If you haven't had the chance to endorse Brian Calley for Lt. Governor and would like to, please email

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