Why Retiring Kennedy spot on SCOTUS must be made ASAP

Justice Kennedy gave ample warning of retirement. Not like a Death (unexpected vacancy) on SCOTUS. There should, at no point, be down to 8 Justices Court. Confirmation MUST come and be completed before next SCOTUS Term begins!!

We cannot allow the Libtards to have a 4-4 split court for ANY PERIOD OF TIME screwing up a bunch of cases that should be decided but that won’t be as the Liberal Activists will nullify the whole process with 4-4 NON-DECISIONS!!! Allowing the 4-4 split we’d have clearly benefits Liberal Activist Courts as the majority of the Cases coming up to SCOTUS are due to Liberal Activist Lower Courts overstepping their bounds and needing to be over-turned. In these Cases, 4-4 splits would allow those over-reaches to stand AND WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT!

MUCH MORE IN: http://beforeitsnews.com/the-law/2018/06/scotus-justice-kennedy-ret...

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