Wolf in sheep's clothing, now out to pasture?

     I recently received the following from a Plymouth taxpayer:

Plymouth Township Voters Beware
This postcard is from a  Democratic Candidate who pretends to be a Republican. Democrat Alanna Maguire is running for Plymouth Township Trustee. Alanna has sent a post card out showing that she is supported by Democrats and several declared "Republicans" that we defeated in the recent primary election. Alanna does not mention that she is a Democrat on her post card.  Some of the declared "Republicans" have special interests in mind and would like to raise our taxes. Alanna even mentions on her post card she is for higher taxes. Joe Bridgman is the Plymouth Township Clerk WHO WAS DEFEATED IN THE RECENT PRIMARY. This "Republican" supports Ms Maguire. Joe is a member of the Wayne 11th GOP and did not support right sizing the Township Fire Department. It is totally outrageous that a member of the Wayne 11th Board publicly supports a Democrat.


     The Wayne 11th GOP mentioned above is formally known as the Wayne 11th Congressional District Republican Committee (website).   I make a habit of attending their meetings, and at the Wednesday (Oct.11) one, it was interesting that this subject came up at the first opportunity, right after the preliminary reports were out of the way. Chairman Joe Xuereb announced that some public controversy had started up about this issue, and after a phone conversation, Mr. Bridgman had agreed to resign from the committee (he was not present). What I observed at the meeting was no criticism of one of their committee members for supporting a Democrat candidate, but plenty of concern about the Wayne 11th being seen to be connected with it. The concern was all the greater because he had been endorsed by the committee in the primary, and voted money for his campaign. After more discussion, the committee voted to send out a robocall to Republicans that would disassociate them from this incident in some vague way. The wording was not stated, but it was specified that Joe Bridgman's name would not be mentioned. It should be interesting to hear that one when it arrives.

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