Hey Rattlers,

Quick blog and looking for your thoughts and comments on this piece.

I believe as far as the county and state convention we can work as precinct delegates with our area's "GOP Powers That Be".

I have found the Republican Party in our location to be very helpful in providing good speaker resources, precinct delegate training, and now allowing us to use their Fix Michigan Center to make phone calls in an attempt to verify the petition signatures in regards to the fake Tea Party.

(No need to remind me that taking down this fake movement also benefits them - I get it.)

I have never like the term "take over" or 'infiltrate", I much prefer the terms "restoring" or "returning" the party to its original platform of constitutional values and principles.

While I have not liked some of the RINO candidates the party has been offering us up in the recent past - the Republican party still closest represents the direction I want to see our country taking.

On Thursday go in, be bold, but be respectful of the process. We are learning but we don't know it all - we won't until we experience it. Whatever "it" may be.

Not everyone will go to the state convention - that is a fact.

But let's not cry foul before there is a reason and let's not cry foul unless there is something real to base it on.

While the idea of going to state if exciting and yes, to be able to help determine our Sec. of State and A/G is the ultimate of votes - to be a precinct delegate is more than that.

"Our" candidates need help. You know the needs - lit drops, phone calls, yard signs, etc...

There are three big races going on: Walberg against Schauer, Steele against Dingel, Rocky against Peters.

We need to take back our Congress and to do that we need passionate and dedicated workers.

No one can doubt a Tea Partiers passion - it's a passion built on the love of our country, our constitution and our God.

Let's be team players - we will need all like minded groups to work together to win in November.

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Comment by patriotm1 on August 13, 2010 at 10:35pm
Good thoughts. Thank you.

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