Many people observe the people at the tea parties or at the town hall meetings. Many others would like to do something but don't have the time to get out and attend in person.

Below is a link where you can sign a petition.....actually multiple petitions for various issues. There is one especially important. Glenn Beck is a radio/TV talk show host who has presented much information to inform the public. In my opinion, he has dug the deepest and has exposed both Dems and Republicans as being corrupt the most aggressively. Currently the radical left is going after his sponsors. By signing with hundreds of thousands of others, his voice will continue to be heard.

Please stand up and fight for your freedoms. They are rapidly being eroded. I encourage everyone to be active and involved. This is just one way.So I hope you take about 5 minutes and sign these. I already have.You can defintely see the impact that many Americans are making during this congressional recess. We need to question BOLDLY and speak the truth.

Finally, this is not a right vs left issue. This is an up and down issue. Either you will be up and free or down and oppressed with the current legistlation that has already passed and is targeted to be signed in Washington. Health Care is being written and revised. The Cap and Trade Bill needs to go through the Senate. Read, stay informed, look at both sides and make your decisions.....then speak, let your voice be heard.

Remember, "when people fear the government that is tyranny, when government fears the people that is liberty." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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Comment by Jessica Karl on August 23, 2009 at 4:10pm
Sylvia, I noticed that you are from Plymouth. I am looking for people that are going to Washington DC on Sept. 12.
I heard that there is a bus picking up people in Canton. Do you know anything about this?

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