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(consider stating agreement or disagreement; correct errors / present facts; or just plain, politely, vent)


2. Ballot initiatives!?!?
3. ObaMAOcare.
5. See Comment section for more.

1. ONLY 18 DAYS UNTIL (Aug. 7th or OTHER Local) PRIMARY date(s)!
You cannot RELAX/SLUMBER/VACATION all summer.... The Left (ACORN, Code Pink, George Soros (and minions), Unions,, etc) WILL NOT REST DURING THE SUMMER and neither can you afford to rest any longer! Conservative Candidates need your support RIGHT NOW.
NOW is the time, if you have not been already, step up and be involved (helping with Local or Statewide Candidates, or AT LEAST writing LTE's):
1A. Speaking out against Liberal(s)/Progressive(s) that are in Office and need to be replaced. Write Letters To Editors (LTE) stating WHY ________ (Pick your least favorite Liberal(s)) needs to be replaced. Provide as many details as possible. If you speak out against Debbie Stabenow, you can find information on her voting record at:
1B. Talk UP your favorite  REAL CONSERVATIVE Candidate(s) and WHY they will be he/she (or THEY, if you're able/willing to support more than one challenger) will be better than _____ (their opponent). For (verbiage) example: "ANY challenger to Debbie Stabenow will do. In fact a random selection from the local Phone book would be better than her." - or the like!!

2. Ballot initiatives!?!?
There will be many Ballot initiatives on your August 7th Primary Ballot --- You cannot afford to sit these Elections out; even if you're not "thrilled" about your Candidate choices!!!! Liberals/Progressives are trying to shove more TAX INCREASES down your throats while you may otherwise NOT be paying attention (and many, many, many, more ANTI-Capitalist initiatives coming this Fall/November).
One such initiative in Wayne County is for the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts).
Should the DIA be allowed to become yet another GOVERNMENT FUNDED BY SPECIAL TAXES boondoggle? or should it use the $100 MILLION it has in the Bank to fund Operations until it raises more Private funds. SHOULD future Generations, some not yet born, be beholden to TAXES and/or possible DEBT to operate the DIA or should those who actually visit (including me, and maybe you) PAY to get into the DIA to help fund it. (You'll notice the Liberals who insist to be so "concerned" about the Arts AGAIN want to EXTORT money from all of us rather than part with any of their own money to support their "priorities!")
Countless other local millage requests are on the Ballots. Check with your CITY CLERK Office or the and check out a Sample Ballot for your area.
GET VOCAL ---- GET INVOLVED ---- WRITE YOUR LOCAL PAPERS about these issues. Those looking to find any excuse to RAISE YOUR TAXES are certainly NOT sitting around "hoping" these initiatives will go their way.... they are engages and you need to be too!!!!

3. ObaMAOcare....
We cannot let the pressure of the need for FULL REPEAL of this massive TAX INCREASE and imposition of Government on our Health Care options/choices. Aren't the Liberals supposed to be the ones all about "CHOICE" !?!?!? 

Hopefully you haven't been out in the Sun too long enough to NOT know about TAXMAGEDDON! On January 1, 2013, the LARGEST TAX INCREASES IN HISTORY are about to take place because the Liberals/Progressives continue to refuse to MAKE PERMANENT the "so called 'BUSH Tax Cuts.'" That is, of course, the usual Liberal spin. THE FACTS are that these TAX RATES have been in place for A DECADE and to let them lapse would be a TAX INCREASE (NOT A TAX CUT, no additional/new Tax Cuts have been even proposed) on all Americans as ALL TAX BRACKET LEVELS were lowered under the Bush Tax Cuts. The Child Tax Credit was increased. As well as many other benefits to ALL AMERICANS and allowing these current Tax Rates (again, in place for a decade - that's 10 years for any Liberal loons reading) to expire will be a TAX INCREASE TO ALL and not just a Tax on the Rich.

If you have TOPIC suggestions for future RWUW ACTION CALL notices, or wish help in setting up such a process in your TEA Party group, feel free to contact us via:

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Greetings fellow Rattle With Us (and extra special "Writers Group") volunteer. The preceding information links are individual "Action Calls" for you to consider writing about the subject matter presented. We sincerely hope you will take the time to assist ALL OF AMERICA (TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK) by participating in shaping Public opinion by taking part in this great First Amendment process of voicing your concerns, correct errors / present facts, state opinion, etc, in response to (or ahead of) the News cycles. Again, THANK YOU...

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** While we'd love to see all our Letters Published and therefore have the opportunity to influence the masses, we must remember that the more people writing (into any/ALL of these Publishers) about the same topics increases the chances that one will be placed in the Publication and equally (maybe more) important is that we (through our numbers) will begin to influence the Publishers (Editors/Reporters) because they know ACTIVE folks are paying attention to their work and holding them accountable! Keep writing, do NOT get discouraged, it matters (again) even if your work isn't printed.

Also, as stated elsewhere, it is very important to sometimes write when you AGREE with what the Publishers/Editors/Reporters are saying!!! We cannot always only write to complain!!! If you occasionally praise them, they may be more likely to Publish something you write in about when you oppose/challenge/complain-to them.

ACTION CALL (state your agreement or disagreement, correct errors / present facts, or just plain (politely) vent) about the aforementioned topic. Again, THANK YOU!


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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on May 13, 2014 at 2:09pm

Tuesday... May 12, 2014... Primary day for WV and NE...

My latest Letter To Editor:

The Democrats continue to play the race card for Political gain. I say to that, over and over, IT'S NOT HIS (Obama's) COLOR, IT'S HIS POLICIES STUPID! We equally oppose Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many other Liberal/Progressive (read: Socialist) Democrats!
While Republicans judge people based on the CONTENT OF ONES CHARACTER and their ACTIONS / OUTCOMES (over "claimed" intent) the Democrats continue to ALWAYS return arguments to RACE/COLOR.... Focusing on skin-tone, over content, is by definition RACISM! Democrats always view race in terms of differences that can be exploited (latest attempts, Charlie Crist D-FL) for their own personal gain, while the GOP/TEA-Party members view race in terms of diversity which adds to the richness of American culture.
We support Diversity in MI-GOP... I, and many others, support Wes Nakagiri for Lt. Gov (Japanese American).
Proud (NOT German, Italian, Polish, American... just) American!
I have sent that letter (in various edited forms) to every local Newspaper as well as to NATIONAL Newspapers and Magazines! YOU CANNOT SIT IDLE IN THE SUMMER. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE! Michigan's Primary is in August... You need to be advocating for Candidates NOW!
Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on October 13, 2012 at 2:36am

Saturday October 13, 2012 --- Op-Ed sent to Newsweek, WSJ, WaPo, and others.....



The Contraception Deception 2012....


"If you like your plan, you will get to keep your plan!" Remember Obama promising you that about ObaMAOcare?!?!?!


Do you think Religious institutions, exercising their conscience by not having their plans include contraception and the (Morning after) Abortion pill, like their plans the way they are?!?! Obama shows how "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" is, and always has been; as well as most everything else out of his mouth is; A LIE!


There is something else that everyone is missing here. This is a purposeful, willful, and with malice of fore-thought, a direct attempt to get Religious endeavors TO DROP THEIR PLANS causing countless more Americans to be in that "Public Option," which was, is, and always has been, their (Liberals) goal. They are moving to complete, outright, Government controlled Socialized Medicine; ObaMAOcare was designed to do this from the outset - to destroy and move people away from Private Health Care Insurance plans to a Government option.


Time and time again, we warned people this was the plan/goal from the outset and so many just buried their head back in the sand - too lazy to pay attention and do any research for themselves, just buying into any and all lies from Liberal/Progressive Democrats about the ObaMAOcare scheme. They have been pushing for this since the 1930's (long before HilaryCare) and only now under Obama and while they had Democrat control of the House and Senate were they finally able to (do what they couldn't, but tried, to do under Clinton, and) ram it through.


Shamefully, Mitt Romney continues to struggle on finding the "right message" (response) to the 'Obama-care is just Romney-care on a National scale' meme. While there are similarities (Mandate), they are NOT exactly the same. The words Romney, and other Republicans, must be putting forth is the simple truth: Obama-care was designed to DISGUISE itself as a Romney-care clone, but is little more than a Trojan-horse (Wolf, in Romney-care clothing). While it (Obama-care) keeps the facade of "Private Insurance" coverages, countless other pages/sections are designed and in-place to undermine that ("If you like your plan, you can keep your plan") concept and drive more and more people unto the "Public Option." Obama-care was/is designed TO FAIL over the long haul, at which time having harmed Private coverage and driven people off their plans onto the Public Option, and usher in the Democrats next calls for out-right and complete 100% Government-run Socialized Medicine.


I have seen many Religious spokespersons asking that we contact our Representatives and ask that "this policy" be "corrected!" THAT IS THE WRONG APPROACH, ALL OF OBAMA-CARE MUST BE REPEALED - that is the correct/only option and course of action that will stop Liberals/Progressives from exerting control over any and all aspects of your Life in the name of Health Care. Our Representatives must STOP trying to tinker around the edges and continue to demand complete repeal - no Republican that offers/promises any less should be supported!

Obama's mistake was letting this cat out of the bag before this 2012 election. Rest assured, if they cave on the issue now, it will only be to get past the election and to once again push this issue. It's all about pushing people from Private coverage (by badgering, bullying, regulating into submission, or HC inflation to cause cost prohibition, organizations into dropping their coverages - pushing their people) to the Public Option.

Joseph M. Lenard, Wyandotte, MI

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on October 13, 2012 at 1:13am

Saturday October 13th 2012 Letter To Editor I've sent to my local papers....


Pete Hoekstra must be elected to the US Senate! Why? Stabenow has presided over (FACTS): A Senate that has NOT passed a Budget in 1,260+ days. Unemployment of 7.8+ percent, 45 consecutive months; 6% prior to that. Keystone XL (and it's Jobs) opposition. Gas is up from $1.84/Gal. when Obama took office. Confirmed Kegan and Sotomayor. DEFICIT up from $500 Bil. to over $1 Tril. each year Obama and Stabenow have teamed up. More new DEBT in 3 years than Bush added in 8 years. Health-care costs under ObaMAOcare, which she supported, have soared. Median Family income has fallen (on average) by $4,500. Inflation (especially Grocery) caused by their FAILED Keynesian monetary policies... With the number one reason: Stabenow will block (Filibuster) repeal of ObaMAOcare, under a Romney administration. The FACTS, speak for themselves!

Joseph (@JLenardDetroit) Lenard,  Wyandotte MI

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 17, 2012 at 4:23pm

Thu. Aug. 23 (23:45/11:45PM): Opening of Dinesh D'Souza's "2016 Obama's America" movie - (see: EVENTS ( Come out and see the movie and then WRITE A LETTER regarding the Movie, its content, or about Obama in general!!!!

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on July 21, 2012 at 7:39pm



Plymouth Township residents - see: Plymouth Township (Taxes and Local Officials) issues -

Kerry Bentovolio for MICD:11 (McCotters resignation seat) - see: Open Letter to MIGOP re: Kerry Bentovolio for McCotters seat DIRTY TRICKS -

ALL Michigan - see: Michigan Governor Snyder to be Primaried over Voter-Fraud reform veto? -

Taxmageddon (from original ACTION CALL above) - see: The Presidents Biggest Tax on citizens in US history! a/k/a: Taxmageddon -

Ballot initiatives - see:

Upcoming Michigan Ballot Initiatives (Part I) -

Upcoming Michigan Ballot Initiatives (Part II) -

DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) - see original ACTION CALL above.

MORE - see original ACTION CALL above.

Consider those topics as well as the ones originally touched upon in the ACTION CALL above.

SHARE WITH OTHERS and encourage them to write Letters To Editors (LTE) or to otherwise become involved in these important topics/issues!

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